The 39 Articles

The 39 Articles of Religion serve as a statement of faith for Anglicans. Composed in the sixteenth century, the 39 Articles outline the essential beliefs of the Anglican Church, addressing matters of orthodoxy as well as the relationship between Christians and the broader culture. As part of the broader Anglican Communion, Village Church affirms the 39 Articles of Religion. Read them here.

To Be A Christian: An Anglican Catechism

The word catechism is kind of an old word that just means "oral teaching." Our catechism is designed to make clear to everyone what it means to be a Christian. It lays out what is essential for Christian faith and life. It will open for you the door to knowing Jesus Christ and experiencing the full love of God through him. It will lead you to full involvement in the life and mission of the Church, as you become a citizen of the Kingdom of God. And it will anchor you in the full reality of unquenchable joy, beginning in this life and ever increasing in the life to come. 

However, one can know about these things and yet remain apart from them. In order not to miss what God is offering you, it is imperative that you receive Jesus Christ as your own Savior and Lord – if you have not already done so – and commit yourself to him to be his lifelong disciple.

You can read the catechism here.