Upcoming: Second Sunday of Advent

"For my eyes have seen your salvation." - Luke 2:30

We are storytellers. The big story of Advent is that of a majestic God who comes into the lowly, broken world he is redeeming - to people who are far off and into circumstances that seem insurmountable. In humility he is born and in servanthood he blesses, heals and surrenders his own life for the good of those he loves. During the next 3 weeks of Advent we will hear stories of how Jesus has been present in individual lives as they leaned on him for peace, hope and lasting joy in the midst of unpredictable and painful circumstances. And in leaning on him, we are learning from him.

This week, Natalee Whitesell shares her own story of living with mental illness, drawing near to Jesus when peace seems so far off.

3rd Sunday - Love - Nathan Bertling shares about overcoming addiction / alcoholism.
4th Sunday - Joy - John and Kathy Hall share their story of embracing the Spirit-led life and the power of prayer.

See you at 5pm at Legacy Charter Elementary!