Where we're headed in 2015...

Yielding to the Spirit and Mission

As Village Church, we're excited to begin this new year in the knowledge that God is most certainly doing something in our midst. We simply want to be faithful by yielding to his power and his plans. We've started small - as a missional community and as intentional neighbors. So many of you have made real sacrifices to be a part of something new, forsaking the many comforts of an established church. You've embraced mission and altered your lives in big and small ways to do so. It's such a blessing to serve alongside you and to celebrate all God has done in 2014.

We'll be talking more in the coming weeks about what having a yielded life really means and how Jesus' example of Spirit-led "social power" makes a difference in our spheres of love & influence. Here's where we're headed...

Jesus' Derived Power - Freedom in the Spirit & intimacy with the Father.

  • NEXT WEEK: Jesus' Humble Power - Who is my neighbor and what might it cost me to love her?
  • JAN 18 - Jesus' Compassionate Power - Being the Church beyond boundaries.
  • JAN 25 - Jesus' Noncoercive Power - Secure enough to bless (and not curse).


  1.  In the first quarter of this year, we're anticipating a move to Sunday mornings. The date isn't set and we are still discussing what it will mean for us. But we feel it's the right move. We just want to ensure the timing is right. More information is forthcoming as we prayerfully make this shift. 
  2. Legacy will begin renovating their "Community Center" at Legacy Charter High, which we expect to become our new worship facility in the Fall. It will be a beautifully updated facility designed for gatherings of every size and it's open to the Woodside / City View communities throughout the week. They already have a nursery in that building and the new facility will be convenient to other rooms for children's ministry, etc.. Our hope is that it will help us continue to be great neighbors on the Westside and will lend itself to growth.
  3. We also hope to begin a Legacy Village Wrench "chapter" in the Spring, an effort that's already in the works.

For now, we will continue to meet at 5pm at Legacy Charter Elementary. We hope you will join us each week! If Village Church is a community you're interested in being a part of, I'd love the opportunity to sit down with you and chat. My contact info is below. 

Happy New Year and see you soon!