SEMINAR: Christian Identity in the 21st Century South


Led by Bob Ekblad - DECEMBER 4-5, 2015

This seminar is being sponsored by a multi-racial group that meets regularly in the Upstate to discuss how our shared Christian faith should affect race relations and our engagement with those marginalized by society. We expect challenging input and lively discussions with the Ekblads who will help us understand how we can more faithfully follow Jesus into the hard places in modern American culture and the culture of the American South. There will also be engaging worship and transformational prayer.

Below is an important announcement and invite from Chris Schoen, one of our lay leaders at Village Church.


Dear Friends,

I wanted to take the chance to invite all of you to a conference we are helping to sponsor with Soteria (Jerry Blassingame's ministry) and Christ the Redeemer (John and Kathy Hall's church plant in Clemson).

As some of you know, John Hall and I, along with JB Burnette from Soteria, have been taking a course on ministering to people on the margins from Bob Ekblad, who oversees Tierra Nueva (New Earth) in Washington state.  The course has a had a tremendous impact on us, and we are bringing Bob and his wife Gracie to Greenville for a weekend conference on Christian identity, race, nationalism, and ministry to the marginalized (all the polite dinner topics).  

Please come to this conference!  It will be an amazing time to worship, pray, and learn alongside our brothers and sisters from Soteria and Christ the Redeemer.  Bob and Gracie live radically, speak radically, pray radically, and expect to see radical things from God.  They are insightful, challenging, unafraid of controversy, and, at least in Bob's case, probably a little bit crazy.  God has used them powerfully in my heart and mind, and I am super excited they are coming to Greenville.  

If you think you may be able to come, please use the following link to sign up and reserve a spot.  The dates and location are on the website.

Here is a link to a news report about Bob and Gracie's ministry.  (The story of how they ended up on CBN is ironic and amazing, but I will leave it for Bob to tell.)