Easter Sunday Brunch! (9am @ Legacy)

Its been a while since we've all broken bread together, beyond the Eucharist. Easter Sunday is a perfect time to celebrate in this way! 

WHAT: Join us for a breakfast/brunch potluck. Bring a guest!
WHEN:  9am, Easter Sunday, April 5.
WHERE: In the cafeteria at Legacy Charter Elementary School.

Our regular Sunday worship will start at 10am as usual. 

Please sign up to bring a dish to share (8-10+ servings) and/or help. If bringing a dish, please also bring a serving utensil. There are a few items listed, feel free to add your own to the list! 


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Contact Sarah Dowsley (sarah.dowsley@gmail.com) or Heather Esch (heatherstewartesch@gmail.com) with questions.