New Location / Time this Sunday!


Friends! Don't forget...

New Space & Time this Sunday!


11:00am - 2104 Old Buncombe Rd, Greenville, SC 29609
See more pictures and find out more about our new space here.

PLEASE familiarize yourself with these important details regarding PARKING, COMMUNION, KIDS, SPACES, etc: 

  • Process - Thanks to all who signed up for the work days this weekend! There is much we want to do to make Bethel work best for us, and ongoing improvements will be happening. Thanks in advance for your patience, flexibility, ideas and hard work. 
  • Parking - There is a limited amount of parking behind the church (20+), but we have overflow parking available across the street at Blackstone’s Garage (this will be marked). Please park as close to Old Buncombe Rd. as possible and fill in backwards from there. Please be careful crossing! You may also park down Sizemore St. next to the church building, but be sure not to block driveways.
  • Entrance - The primary entrance will be on the side of the building facing Sizemore St. There will be a sign.
  • Restrooms - Please enter the side room on the left of the sanctuary and walk through to the main hallway. Restrooms are to the right, down the corridor and on the left. There are also restrooms on the 3rd level, but they are kid-sized!
  • Nursery - As you come in, there will be signs leading you left through a small sitting room and into a larger hallway. Just up the steps, is the nursery - to your left.
  • Crying / Nursing Room - In the back of the sanctuary, there will be a comfortable lobby space to take your child if (s)he is nursing, in need or is becoming a significant distraction to others. Thank you for taking advantage of this and loving the fellowship in this way! 
  • Communion - The new church has a kneeling rail at the altar! We will continue to invite people by section (your right side, center, then left, pew by pew). Please come to the altar rail and kneel, if you can. It's ok to stand if you need to! We will make our way down the rail with the sacrament from your right side and then circe back again at the right side. Feel free to remain and pray as long as you like. Just as a heads up, we will begin using wafers this Sunday, including gluten-free. Prayer will be available in the room to the left of the sanctuary.
  • Parents & Kids - We dearly love your little ones and their free spirits, but we ask that you supervise your children while you hang out before and after service, as you would in other public settings.  As you know, we do not have the wide-open, thoroughly kid-proof spaces we had at Legacy so boundaries will be very important. Just as God disciplines us as Father, we recognize that "no" is a kindness - to us and our children (Hebrews 12). Please prepare them to respect the sanctuary, not running through it or climbing on the pews, altar, stage and choir loft. This is a shared space and we want to honor our host congregation in this way. Note: Kids' classes during the sermon will continue as before, and will meet in classrooms upstairs.


We're so excited and grateful for this provision and this new season together as the Church. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has indeed blessed us!