November Happenings / Confirmation

Confirmation Sunday is December 18

Our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Steve Wood, is excited to be with us as we welcome new members and dedicate our new building in Sans Souci. 

Are you ready for confirmation / reception on December 18?
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If you have questions about what this means at Village Church, click here.

November Happenings:

5 - VILLAGE WRENCH - Sans Souci location from 10-12! - 3 locations & times. Details about repair events are at

7 - EVENSONG - Evening prayer & worship ahead of the election - 7pm in the Sanctuary - More details are here on FB..

10 - WOMEN’S GATHERING - 6:30pm - Home of Katie Pittman - Sign up with address and other details will go out on Monday, the 7th.

15 - NEWCOMER’S DESSERT DROP-IN  - 7-8:30pm - Home of Seth+ & Ashley Cain - RSVP HERE.

17 - MEN’S HOLY GRILL - 6:30pm - Home of Aaron Ernst - Address: 8 Old Sentell Rd. Greenville, SC 29611 - Sign up will go out with details on or around the 14th.

22 - LEADERSHIP COUNCIL MEETING - 7pm - Textile Hall


The needs of the faith community through the centuries have been met through generous giving as an act of worship. It has always been basic to faith community and Christian mission. If you do not already give financially to Village Church, please consider doing so here. Giving is a discipleship matter - it orients our hearts rightly toward both the gracious Giver and the gifts he has entrusted to us as stewards & managers, not owners.

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