This Sunday is Palm Sunday!



Join us for a celebration of Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the enacted parable of our humble King who will neither be confused with nor co-opted by the nationalistic or religious or powers that be. He would become our salvation by what he suffered - for the glory of the Father and for true freedom from sin and fear of death. For his Kingdom, that has come and is coming every day as we follow him.

We will begin inside with a blessing, but will then go out for a processional, following the cross to the altar, singing "Who Will Ascend God's Holy Mountain?" We wave and will lay our palm branches down as the procession of musicians and children go by, joining them as they pass.

Like the crowd, we want Jesus on our own terms and for our own ends. But Jesus wants us for something far greater than realizing our limited aspirations. He wants us for the Kingdom. And he wants the Kingdom for us. 

And an important part of Palm Sunday is the Liturgy of the Passion, during which the narrative of Jesus' final days are read and relived together.

If you still need to RSVP for the Easter Vigil and/or purchase Easter flowers, please do so here.


20     PALM SUNDAY - 10am at Legacy -  Please arrive a little early as we will have a special processional, with music and fun for the kids, to commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem!

24  MAUNDY THURSDAY SERVICE - 6:30p - A memorial of Christ serving his disciples through foot washing and Communion. We will humble ourselves and wash the feet of our brothers and sisters in the example of Jesus, followed by Holy Communion. Men will serve the other men, and women the other women (or as families).  Location: Woodside Baptist Church - 301 Woodside Ave - Greenville, SC 29611

25  GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE - 6:30pm at Woodside Baptist - A somber, but meaningful memorial of Christ’s suffering and death. This includes much prayer, a reading of the Passion narrative together, appropriate singing, reflection and  repentance.

26  EASTER VIGIL MEAL & FELLOWSHIP - 4pm - A time to be together in hope and in the arising joy of Easter. Please bring a large side dish to share and dessert. Meats will be provided. Location: Heather & Erik Esch's Home. 1 Pheasant Court - Greenville, SC 29607

27  EASTER SUNDAY - 10am at Legacy - He is risen! Everyone will have the opportunity to order flowers to decorate our worship space. More info on flowers to come.