September Happenings

We're excited to be entering the Fall as a growing church with much to pray about and believe for. Below you'll find our schedule for September as we add our men's and women's gatherings back. We will likely be splitting these groups into two separate gatherings, but for now we'll enjoy a month or so with familiar faces alongside our newest Villagers! (Note: Meeting as men's and women's groups helps us tackle the child care needs that are unique to every family. If a spouse cannot be with the kids and you need childcare, please let us know!)  

Please consider making the church calendar an important part of your personal calendar. We are following Christ together - life to life.


3     VILLAGE WRENCH - 3 locations & times - Details at
8     WOMEN’S CONNECTION - 6:30pm - Cain Home - 9 Charles St. Greenville, SC 29611. Contact Ashley Cain with questions (    
15     LEADERSHIP COUNCIL - 6:30pm - Textile Hall
22    MEN’S HOLY GRILL - 6:30pm - Cain Home - 9 Charles St. Greenville, SC  29611. Contact Seth+ with questions (     


10, 17, 24 - WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY (HOSEA) - 8am - Swamp Rabbit Cafe.
See Ashley Cain for details about the “She Reads Truth” book and/or app. This is an informal gathering to discuss and pray. If you can't join the ladies on Saturdays, please consider doing the study anyway and gathering as twos or threes as you are able to pray and discuss. The "She Reads Truth" app is available on the App Store, but if you'd like one of the beautiful books with many compelling visuals, they are available for $20.

MEN’S OUTING - We are currently gauging interest in a men’s rafting overnight this month, but if the interest remains low, we will plan a men’s camping overnight (Friday- Saturday) in Jones Gap for October. Stay tuned!

The guys will follow the same pattern as the ladies next month, with a very accessible study and some informal gatherings to discuss. More info to come.

CONFIRMATION / MEMBERSHIP - We are waiting for a confirmed date that our bishop will be with us to confirm new Village Church members. If you are interested in being confirmed (or received, if you’ve held church membership elsewhere), please contact Seth+ (

NEW BUILDING DECISION - Please continue to pray with us as we move toward our decision about a new church building. We have two opportunities on the horizon, but the more ideal situation will require working with another congregation toward a shared use agreement. Pray for wisdom and unity as we listen to the Spirit’s lead. Our decision will be made by September 21.

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