Pentecost: Bring Your Work to Church


Pentecost Sunday is June 4th

Pentecost Sunday is a holy day of remembrance for the Church, set apart to celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God on "all flesh" in Acts 2 in fulfillment of Jesus' promise in John 14 and the prophecy of Joel 2.

Your Work Matters...

Whoever you are, the work you are doing is important and an ordained part of the larger project of renewal into which God has called us as his Spirit-filled and Spirit-led people. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, a mechanic, a teacher, an executive or a potter, you are living out of the overflow of God's goodness by his Spirit, bringing it to bear in the world he loves. It is the work of the Church. All of it. By the loving and faithful presence of God's people in industry, the arts, government, education and every sphere of life, God is making things better and more beautiful. In your labor, the kingdom is coming. Shalom is at work in and through you. God is pleased.

...So Bring It.

As part of our celebration liturgy on Pentecost, we will take the time to bless the work you are doing in the world to bring shalom to the spaces in your life that benefit from the grace, truth, beauty and order at work in your life through the Spirit.

Bring a stapler. A diaper. A paintbrush. A wrench. A notebook. Your computer. Your client list. Bring a symbolic something that matters to your life in the trenches of the world God loves.

Every blessing,