May News & Events


"The promise of everlasting life has less to do with duration of time and more to do with a certain kind of life – one of peace, fellowship, and abundance – and such a life can begin now."
- Johann Christoph Arnold (who died on Holy Saturday this year), from "Rich in Years”


As announced, we have a new calendar page with all the weekly and monthly happenings in one spot, in detail and with buttons for sign up, etc.
Check it out here.


Hands On Greenville is this Saturday from 8am-Noon at the church! We'll be sending a crew to the Village Wrench shop, as well. Please bring your wheelbarrows and garden / yard tools. We're also taking some interior windows out, so if you have small pry bars for trim and casing, bring 'em!
Get all the other details and info here.


Rev. Cameron Robinson's first day as Associate Pastor was Monday! He will be working around 15 hours per week through July and then begins teaching middle school English in August, so his PT schedule will center around Sundays and some evenings. Cameron, Joy and their daughter, Koryn, will be with us for their  first Sunday on June 4! Cameron will be preaching on June 11. I know you will make them feel welcome. They are so looking forward to building community and welcome opportunities to get to know you and your family. Please bear in mind that they presently live in Spartanburg, which may limit their availability for now. But they are working on moving closer in the near future.


Please note that the nursery is off-limits for playtime after church as the toys will have been sanitized by our gracious volunteers before they rejoin the congregation in worship. As tempting as the toys are, we don't really want to come by the church a second time in the week and clean them again for next Sunday morning.  The doors will be closed, and you may use the changing table as needed for your little ones.   Thank you for helping maintain our safe space for babies!


So many of us go through seasons of uncertainty and flux when it comes to our money. It's daunting. But whatever the season, we are called to trust the Lord with what we have by offering a portion ("firstfruits") back to him in support of our community of worship - where a great many needs are met - physical, spiritual and emotional. As in every area where trust is called for, the Lord promises to sustain and bless us when we apply Gospel freedom to our finances and adopt his abundance over scarcity and self-interest. Village Church could probably get by on its present giving, but that's not the point at all. Village Church is all of us, learning to love and trust the Lord with our whole hearts, souls and minds. Learning to live in the abundance and generosity of knowing him.

Pray about it. Trust the Lord. He is faithful.

Want more to think about in terms of giving and stewardship? Check this out.