Village Kids Overview

Children are always welcome to stay in the entire worship service if parents desire and if their presence respects other worshippers.  There is a nursery for newborn babies through age two. The Village Kids Ministry Team invites preschoolers aged 3-5 and elementary schoolers aged 6-10 to leave the service immediately prior to the sermon for classes geared to their developmental levels. Village Church, in the Anglican tradition, believes it is important for its children to learn the catechism in preparation for the age of confirmation— typically 7th grade.

Village Kids Nursery and Preschool

Nursery and preschool classrooms (for infants up through age 5) are located in the upstairs hallway.  Village Children's Ministry asks visitors to fill out an information sheet for their child(ren) so volunteers know how best to care for them. Children may be picked up from nursery and preschool during the Passing of the Peace portion of the worship service.

Village Kids Elementary  

Village Church believes in whole family worship!  Therefore, preschool children and older worship together with their parents during all elements of worship except the sermon for all but the fourth Sunday of each month—Family Sunday. On this Sunday, elementary aged children stay for the entire worship service with their families. Preschool children have the option to go to their class on Family Sunday.

Village Kids Safety

Village Church takes the safety of your children very seriously. Any worker who volunteers with children is vetted with a thorough background check and receives training in safety protocols and prevention of sexual abuse in children through the Stewards of Children Online Training Program. 

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Join the Village Kids Team!

Village Church welcomes anyone with a love for Jesus and kids to volunteer! There are jobs for people to help in the nursery, preschool, and elementary age children. There are small jobs that involve preparation for working with children.


What Are My Kids Doing? 

Children ages 3 through fifth grade are learning about The Life of Jesus during the sermon time each week.

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This curriculum by Group Publishing is R.E.A.L.  It is relationship oriented— teacher to students and students with each other; it is experiential—students experience the lesson rather than just listening to an adult talk to them; it is applicable to the lives of teachers and students; and it is learner-based.  Each week the students learn one main point in several different ways—music videos, short talking point videos, object lessons, Core Bible Lessons, Deeper Bible Lessons, and sometimes a theme-related game. It is all fun and children are engaged! Click on the links for more information.